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Welcome to the directory of Therapists and Practitioners who have dedicated their skills to helping Sufferers of ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia to full recovery, engaging their own tools with the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme.
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Janet Ledsham
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2 Bramley Cottages, Wood Lane
GU21 2AB
Tel: 01483 474999
Tools Used
Nutritional Therapy
My daughter was just 13 years old when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome so I fully understand the devastating effects that chronic exhaustive conditions can have on an individual’s life. It was this experience that inspired me to re-train as a nutritional therapist and not surprisingly I now am very passionate about supporting such clients on their recovery journey.
These conditions are complex and whilst not fully understood we do know that multiple systems in the body may be impaired. So I believe an essential part of the recovery process is the investigation and addressing of these potential physical imbalances through a nutritional approach. However, it is not the full answer so that is why I also work with The Chrysalis Effect Supported Recovery Programme.
I am a qualified nutritional therapist, full member of BANT (British association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy), registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and Chrysalis Effect accredited practitioner.
I offer both nutritional and coaching packages of care, tailored to the individuals needs from my home clinic or via Skype. To discover just how I can support your recovery, please contact me for free 20 minute telephone chat.
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Kim Bromley
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Charing Surgery, 1 Surgery Close
TN27 0AW
Tel: 01622 890803
Mob: 07809 124786
Tools Used
Wellbeing Coaching
Creative Therapy
Art Therapy
As a recoverer from the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue I am passionate about supporting change with all my clients, helping you step towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The special programme of support I ensure is always at the right pace for you. As a coach I support you on your personal health goals and ensure that you feel confident at all times in making the small steps to change. If appropriate, I aim to interweave my skills as a hypnotherapist to help intervene with the anxious cycle of thoughts that can occur. This anxious state has a direct ‘domino’ affect on the physical symptoms within the body. Reiki, a natural healing energy can also provide support when the body is in severe pain. Sometimes there may be emotional ‘blocks’ to moving towards health and wellbeing, creativity and art can help to release some of these issues. To support you on your journey to wellbeing, I can use different therapies appropriate to your needs at the right time in your recovery. I enjoy working on a one to one basis in my clinic, or by the telephone or ‘Skype.’
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Trevor Hunt
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100c High Street
NN13 7DR
Tel: 01280 706445
Mob: 07947 828 101
Tools Used
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Matrix Re-imprinting
As a certified Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, I combine over forty years’ experience in complimentary therapies with specialist knowledge in ME, Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia to support your recovery.

When you book for a complimentary consultation I will explain how we would work together step by step on your recovery. We will complete a health profile which will enable me to tailor a recovery programme for your individual needs. My own specialisms are coaching, EFT (tapping), massage and Reiki but I also head a team of other specialists so that together we can provide all the help you require to address all the symptoms you may be experiencing.

"Trevor has changed my life entirely. During my treatments he listened, always with a non-judgemental attitude, to my emotional pains. One day he mentioned that EFT ("tapping") might be able to help reduce my anxiety. It was such a revelation! The results have been incredibly fast and what I love about it is that it puts the power back into the hands of the person who suffers." Pascale- Brackley.
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Emma Chapman-Sharp
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The Barn
64 Southover High Street
East Sussex
Tel: 07880 974402
Mob: 07880 974402
Tools Used
Herbal Medicine
Emma Chapman-Sharp, founder of Wellbeing for ME, offers a fully supported recovery programme for people with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia in Lewes, East Sussex and throughout the UK via Skype and telephone.
Emma specialises in identifying and addressing the key physical processes involved in these conditions. Adrenal and thyroid function is comprehensively assessed; gut function, nutrition and blood sugar control is optimised. Cellular mitochondria produce the body’s energy and often require additional support. Occasionally, heavy metal toxicity is implicated which requires a supervised chelation and detoxification programme.
The physical treatment plan is supported by The Chrysalis Effect online recovery programme together with Wellbeing Coaching to address the underlying emotional and lifestyle issues that may be present.
Emma works within a team of trained Chrysalis Effect practitioners and will from time to time refer clients for a limited number of sessions with other therapists, if the treatment is indicated.
Client care and satisfaction is the cornerstone of all treatment options at Wellbeing for ME. Emma would be pleased to offer a free Health Appraisal and 30 minute telephone call to anyone who may be interested. Please email or see the website for further information.
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Cheryl Edwards
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75 Nightingale
Road Hampton
TW12 3HZ
Tel: 020 87831609
Mob: 07973632310
Tools Used
Wellbeing Coach
Indian Head Massage
Nutritional Advice
Muscle Testing (Kinesiology)
Australian Bush Flower Essences
I am a Chrysalis Effect ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Coach, Wellbeing Coach and Homeopath.
Having suffered from ME/CFS myself I am now fully recovered and it is my passion to assist others who have this condition to get back to living their lives to the full. I offer support and understanding of what the ME/CFS sufferer is going through and able to work with you to reclaim your energy, vitality and direction in life. I often combine this with Homeopathy to address any underlying emotional causes that can trigger the physical symptoms.
I also bring in some nutritional advice to ensure that a good and sensible approach to eating is being practiced which is vital to good health. Basic food sensitivities can be detected with muscle testing (Kinesiology) and then eliminated to help ease abdominal discomfort. Homeopathy can be helpful here again to alleviate many physical symptoms.
As a Wellbeing Coach I work with you to set goals to achieve the changes you want to make in order to live your inspirational life purpose.
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Ged Furguson
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28a Powis Terrace
W11 1JH
Tel: 07771 364658
Mob: 07771 364658
Tools Used
Access Bars Practitioner
I am a fully qualified 5 Element / TCM acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council. 5 Element acupuncture is one of the oldest styles of recorded acupuncture practice which has its roots in Daoism and follows the natural ways of nature and universal law. 5 Element acupuncture theory suggests that heaven, earth and humanity are intrinsically connected by the universal laws of nature and when we detract from these natural ways of being, the elements within us become disturbed. The theory also suggests that one of these elements becomes weakened through trauma or life experiences when we are young, which subsequently undermines all the other elements in the cycle. Treatment of this constitutional element and its emotional & physical resonance is the objective of 5 element acupuncture practice; ‘Treat the mother and the children will be ok’.

Other training and development work apart from the Chrysalis effect also includes intuitive training with Sonia Choquette in the USA along with developing skills in treatment of the Chakras and their associated emotions. I’ve also enjoyed extensive work on myself en-route to becoming a practitioner, most notably I’m a graduate of the Hoffman Process which is deep therapeutic work on habitual, learnt and patterned behaviour. The process allows you to forgive and release unwanted patterns and provides you with tools that remain with you for life.
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Carol Jordan
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Wayside Surgery, Kings Road
Tel: 01342 843241
Mob: 07885 221326
Tools Used
Hot Stones Fusion
I am a specialist practitioner for the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme from ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia and where necessary work with a team of other specialists. I am a specialist in stress, anxiety, ME and Chronic Fatigue. I have been practising since 1993. I have a practice at Wayside Surgery, Horley and from my home in Burstow. I tailor my treatments to the individual and treat all ages and both sexes. I am the in-house aromatherapist for Sussex Healthcare (young adults with severe learning difficulties). I am also the aromatherapy consultant for the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists. My more unusual therapies are hot stone reflexology and TMJ for jaw pain. I am a tutor and examiner in therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and reflexology and have lectured on aromatherapy/reflexology in the workplace. I am a Reiki Master and teach Reiki from my county cottage in Burstow. I am a member of the Aromatherapy Council, The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, The Association of Physical and Natural Therapies, The British Complementary Medicine Association. I give a £5 discount to anyone successfully referring someone on to me.
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Kathy Adams
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Integrated Mind Body Health
The Barn
61, Havant Road
PO10 7JQ
Tel: 07716 856009
Mob: 07716 856009
Tools Used
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Matrix Re-Imprinting
Flower Essences
Positive Psychology
Integrated Mind Body Health is a unique transformational approach. I am particularly skillful at allowing people to feel deeply understood, valued and that their life matters profoundly. With me you will gain hope that you can find your power to change your health and then the freedom to follow your heart’s path.
The roots of most suffering are in past traumatic experiences. These stop our core energy from flowing. Talk therapies alone cannot release these destructive cellular memories. My integrated approach can and does lead to emotional balance and physical wellbeing.
I am persistent and determined to find out and really know what works. I have been motivated by accompanying my daughter on her path to her recovery from M.E. I have worked and studied with some of the countries leading integrative medical doctors including Dr Rosy Daniels and Dr Mark Atkinson. I am an ‘expert’ in undoing illness.
As well as my therapies, counselling and coaching I have further specialised trainings to help people with M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia, with The Gupta Programme and Alex Howard at The Optimal Health Clinic. Together with my clients we create a personalised path to recovery following a tried and tested successful map.
Emsworth is close to Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Portsmouth and Chichester but I am successful and experienced with working via Skype too.

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Jenny Sladen
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The Clinic at Borde Hill
Naldred Farm Offices
Borde Hill Lane
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1XR
Tel: 01273 463723
Mob: 07708 025188
Tools Used
Wellbeing Coach
Life Purpose
Lifestyle & Pace
Emotional Health
I understand first hand what it is like to have had severe health challenges that restrict and limit a person and to fully recover. I work with clients on a step by step journey to address the cause and relief of their symptoms, particularly for ME, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia. This includes identifying the areas of life that are not working well and have led to their health being compromised. I encourage and motivate clients to make positive changes. This can lead to developing self confidence, experiencing better relationships, lifestyle and balance in order to regain Health, Energy and Vitality.
I work with clients face to face at The Clinic, on the telephone or Skype.
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Vicki Raven
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Keston Natural Health Practice
22 Ravenswood Crescent
West Wickham
Mob: 07941 320527
Tools Used
Tai Chi
How does it feel when you have no choices in your own healthcare?
I had a lightbulb moment in my early twenties when I knew I had to look for an alternative to antibiotics and steroids for my long term health problems. That was how I discovered homeopathy.

When I look back, my journey into complementary health care began when I was a child. I was the child with constant chest infections, asthma and allergies.

When I was pregnant I felt that my feelings were the least important of all when it came to choosing care. l worried about the choices that were available to me and my children, so I trained as a homeopath. I am still as passionate today about informing people of their choices and supporting them in that choice.
In my early career as a primary school teacher, I suffered a great deal from stress. My weekly T’ai Chi class was my saving grace and that lead me to train as an instructor. I love that T’ai Chi can be used as a relaxation therapy as well as a basis for martial arts.

I offer packages of care for recovery so that you are able to receive the most appropriate therapy for your recovery. I will refer you to a trusted colleague if their therapy is best for you.
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David Rahman
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Nant Garw Medical Centre
Vale Of Glam
CF83 2AX
Tel: 0800 023 6263
Mob: 07811957216
Tools Used
Advanced Coaching
Time-line therapy
Hi there!
I'm David, and I'm incredibly passionate about helping people with M.E chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I just love seeing people change for the better and being part of that process. There's no other feeling in the world quite like it!
I specialise in getting people to see where they have come from, where they are currently and where they could go in the very near future.
To be unwell with M.E., chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia can be psychologically depressing and create all sorts of stress and anxiety.
The great news is that you can be helped and the process can very well lead to recovery. How does that sound? With the right help and support sufferers of the above mentioned health problems can return to lead perfectly normal lives again.
Get in touch and let start the recovery process now.

Best wishes on the journey to recovery!
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Pamela Rochford
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Welwyn Garden City
Tel: 07512 151 705
Mob: 07512 151 705
Tools Used
Classical homeopathy
Wellbeing coaching
Holistic health
Chronic illness
As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner I fully understand the pain, constant fatigue and depression with CFS, ME, fibromyalgia and related conditions. With my help and support there is real progress toward recovery with a proven programme designed specifically for the needs of the many people suffering from these conditions.
Having suffered from ME and fibromyalgia myself I have first hand experience and understand the frustration and despair that these conditions can bring. The fully integrated package of care developed with the Chrysalis team is a valuable resource providing the expertise and support to lead to full recovery. How wonderful to have a full and happy life again! With my experience, understanding and support, clients are restored to health and well-being.
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Jo Tocher
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4 Linzee Road
N8 7RE
Tel: 02083419713
Mob: 07791 646801
Tools Used
Aromatherapy Massage
Indian Head Massage
Heart Screening
Wellbeing Coaching
Jo Tocher has been working in the field of Complementary Therapies since 1997.

Previously, she worked in the Corporate world and left when she wanted to start a family, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to work around her family and other commitments.

She decided to train as an Aromatherapist in 1997 and did a full-time diploma at The Tisserand Institute. Since then she has trained in many different therapies, including Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, Indian Head Massage, Healing, Hypnosis and Heart Screening and most recently as a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner,and Wellbeing Coach specialising in Chronic Exhaustive conditions, such as M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
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Terri Caldwell
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Worcester Natural Therapy Centre
Tel: 01299 851 309
Mob: 07801 529 530
Tools Used
Having experienced my own health crisis in the form of a Chronic Exhaustive Condition, I was blessed to find Homeopathy, which was significant in helping me to recover my health. I am therefore passionate about the contribution Homeopathy can make in helping sufferers of these conditions to recover their health and vitality.
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Sally Pasquill
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Natural Therapy Centre, The Fold, Bransford
Tel: 01886 832549
Mob: 07504 280486
Tools Used
Australian Bush Flower Essences
I have recovered from my own serious health challenges using an holistic approach that covered all aspects of mind, body and spirit. I was so excited to hear about the Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Programme, as it encompassed all that I had discovered and is put together in such an accessible way, that I signed up for training as a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner immediately.
I am passionate about helping sufferers turn their life around and recover from these chronic exhaustive conditions. The Chrysalis Effect wellbeing coaching I offer is supported by my specialisms of Homeopathy and Iridology. They both focus on the underlying cause and I am able to support organ systems indicated or any lifestyle changes necessary for recovery.
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